Podcast and Audio

I’ve had plenty of experience in live audio mixing for theatre and corporate events but I’ve just recently transferred this experience to podcasts.
In Spring 2017, I began a podcast entitled Half-Credit audit where I asked professors to chat with me about the topics they love to talk about most.

My first stop was Dr. Jennifer Fleeger of the Media and Communication Studies and Film Studies Departments at Ursinus College. This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever created. Dr. Fleeger has truly pushed me to achieve highly in my studies and it was great to learn even more from her. I feel that for a first attempt, the audio quality is good and I’m very proud of the way the interview progresses naturally. I also think the inclusion of external music really adds to the learning experience and to the integrity of the podcast.

I also sat down with Dr. Holly Hubbs, a professor of music at Ursinus College. We talked about the progression of cultural appropriation in American popular music from the 1800s to today. Dr. Hubbs’s passion is always so exciting and I learn so much every time we chat.